According to agreement. If you choose the all-inclusive package, the advantage is that we will invoice the locals and all the annoying “little things”. This saves your accounting a lot of work and you have a much better overview. Since you are a foreign company, you are exempt from Spanish VAT (IVA on the mainland and IGIC on the Canary Islands). The invoices that we send to you run without IGIC. Unfortunately, most companies do not respond to them and you will have to laboriously later from Germany to claim the VAT back from the Spanish tax office. This usually takes years. Until then the production is surely already for a long time locked.


The same rules apply in the Canary Islands as in Spain. You need a filming permit depending on the location. For the coastal area or off the coast, we must obtain a permit from “Costas”, for filming in the city from the Town Hall and to shoot on main roads, from “Cabildo” For the filming permits we need a little lead time. Depending on the shooting it will take longer or it will be very fast, e.g. at Realities (with a camera on your shoulder). In order to be able to say more exactly how long it takes, please let us know what you have in mind.


The same system applies for rental cars as for accommodation. We cooperate with international car rental companies as well as with local car rental companies. As we regularly send customers, we have a greater influence on prices than a “single enquiry”. We will be happy to get an offer for you.

On Tenerife there are all kinds of toy vehicles. We even have a large collection of oldtimers here. It doesn’t matter whether you need a Lamborgini or a “duck”, you will also find everything in between.


If you have not yet booked accommodation, please let us know. As a rule, we get better prices than you can get. Since we regularly send groups to the hotels, we can negotiate better. Often we reach prices that otherwise only tour operators get.

In addition, we know the hotels well and therefore know which ones are suitable for your needs. We will ask you where there are enough rooms available and present you with a selection of hotels. Then you only have to come to the preview and can decide.


We have a large selection of locals who will be happy to support the staff you bring with you. It doesn’t matter if you need runners, drivers, costume helpers (who know their way around), props or casting helpers. Our list is long. So that you don’t have any problems with the employment office on site, we hire the employees and sign a temporary employment contract with you. This way you can be sure that you are legally protected.


Film Solutions takes care of everything you need on site. We already have a lot if it’s a donkey for shooting, or a training park on the beach. Helicopter, Socorista, barcos, yates, drones, Soluciones


Should you require a casting in advance, we will be happy to organize it for you. We will provide the location for the casting, place the advertisements for you in the appropriate local newspapers, use our contacts and advertise it in social networks.

We are also happy to support your casting department during the shooting.


The rations are important. As a rule one can discuss a lot with the hotel. Often it is possible to buy the drinks yourself and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on the hotel. If you need catering during the shooting, we will introduce you to some catering companies that are up to the task.