Why Teneriffa

There are many reasons to choose the Canary Islands. One of the main reasons is the good weather. The light conditions on the island are extremely good. So we have a good 3.000 hours of sunlight per year. That’s not bad… but there’s also a breathtaking landscape, the right infrastructure, the know-how of the local companies like us, who will accompany you during your shooting and in addition there are tax advantages that will please any company. I think these are good reasons to choose the Canary Islands if you have another location in mind.


The Canary Islands offer a wide variety of different locations. From beautiful sandy beaches to the barren volcanic landscape of the Teide we have everything to offer. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for desert, lowlands, low mountain ranges, high mountains, coast, gorges or pine forests. The Canary Islands are very diverse.

You will find well-preserved city centres of bygone times and modern architecture, lighthouses and vantage points of various construction methods. Thus we find the suitable location for each production.


The Canary Islands offer an average temperature of 23ºC. Such temperatures bring a lot of sun. On Tenerife, for example, we have over 3,000 hours of sunshine a year, and therefore excellent lighting conditions with a stable climate. The weather seldom puts a spoke in your wheel.

Tax Relief

If you are a foreign production company and film in the Canary Islands, you can write off 40% of your taxes. However, you must invest at least 1.000.000€ on the island and involve a local production company. A nice bonus…

Know-how on site

For many years, all kinds of formats have been produced on the Canary Islands. So there is a range of companies that can support you on site. We are only the link to all the professionals on site. From camera teams and actors to POSTPRODUKTION and image processing, you can find all well-trained employees here on site. There is already a lot of picture and sound material available.

Already shot here

So that you can get an idea of how good the conditions here are, I’ll give you some examples of large productions that have decided to shoot in the Canary Islands. That speaks for itself: “Fast & Furious 6” by Universal Studios, “Battle of the Titans” and “Wrath of the Titans” by Warner Bros.

Great flight connections

The Canary Islands are the 2nd largest tourist industry in Spain. This means that our airports are better connected to the air network than many large cities. Daily flights to Düsseldorf or Munich are only a tiny fraction. On Tenerife we receive about 6.000.000 tourists every year. So you can always find flights at mostly cheap prices. This is a great advantage if you have to fly someone in quickly, there is always a connection.